February 2015: Last week I had a very enjoyable studio visit from a group of volunteers who put together the well-known Sooke Fine Arts Show.

Having 17 art savvy people crowded into my studio made for some surprising, and for me, very informative discussions.

One of the group, Ken Moore, sent me this email which illustrates some of the avenues we were exploring:


Hello Chintan;

I much appreciated the visit to your studio today; in particular, I found your reflections on your creative process and how your art emerges from it fascinating. I am not an artist, but I am intrigued by the issue of consciousness and its relationship to concepts of the Self and the Other. That’s the context for the thoughts that I expressed today, which I’ll try to recapture below (though I must admit that the process of writing feels cumbersome and somewhat affected compared to the spontaneity of speech!). I took the opportunity to look at your website to pull up titles of paintings that might illustrate my thoughts:

As you described your movement from depiction of figures in a somewhat definable (if abstract) space to an interest in the expression of abstract objects/shapes in an abstract space, I thought I could see a movement from an interest in expressing the relationship between individual consciousness and its external and/or psychic  world (e.g., The Quiet Edge; Resisting the Past), to an abstract expression – in colour, texture, movement – of what consciousness itself grapples with in recognizing itself (e.g., Change of Weather/Break in Time; Geography of Memory seriesand the “blue” painting that my wife Lorna did not want you to change!).

In the end, whether or not this is a “correct” interpretation of your work is irrelevant; what is important is that your work evoked these thoughts, and for that, I thank you.

Ken Moore