If you haven’t had a chance to see Octogony yet, the show is up until September 29th. Our artist talk was very well attended and led to some interesting conversations. We’re all happy how this meeting of eight diverse artists has turned out. The response has been very positive.

Open daily 10am – 5pm.

Excerpt from Elizabeth Nolan’s review in the Gulf Island Driftwood on Sep 26 2018:

What do you call an exhibition showcasing eight different artists working in completely different format and styles? Octogony is the name and Mahon Hall is the place to see this exciting group show, but only until the end of Saturday.

As dreamed up by noted sculptor Michael Robb, Octogony gives each artist their own section of the hall, in effect providing eight mini shows. As such, every artist gets to provide a good representation of their work, but the show also works amazingly well as a whole.

The line between hard and soft, vegetable and mineral is a fluid one in the abstract paintings of Chintan Bolliger. While she is inspired by the natural world, and by processes of evolution and change, it’s up to the viewer to discover his or her own interpretation of images. Bolliger has been getting more adventurous with colour of late, so areas of palest yellow scraped over black in pieces like Merge and How it Begins get shot through with a wave of deeper tones: yellow through to rich russet. The wave calls to mind the arbutus tree, with its contrasting smooth and papery textures, its curved but strong structure.